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DRIVER – IOM is a new business, comprising a team of professional drivers/instructors and a network of Manx business partners, who have combined to offer a one-stop-shop for the best possible customer service and value for money.

The team is headed by Rick Sutcliffe who has been the principal instructor for Premier HGV, the Island's leading HGV training school, for the past few years. Having started instructing as a hobby, Rick quickly found a style that he and his pupils enjoyed and crucially, produced positive results! Currently having one of the best pass-rates in the Island, Rick has helped in the region of 500 people to pass their test in the past few years.

Rick says "Turning my hobby into my career was a fantastic move. I love the 'work'... I'm one of those who actually DOES look forward to Mondays!"

"Previously I had been in Management, but now I feel I should have done this even earlier." He continued "I think the highlight of my career so far was seeing my own son Dave pass his Rigid AND Drawbar tests on the same day - quite an achievement! That said, every single day I see someone on the road earning a living from the skills that I taught them, and this is a great feeling, better than any job satisfaction I've ever known"

Starting up was a natural progression from working for a driving school. Rick added "I'm staying with Premier HGV on a part-time basis for now, partly whilst I train up some new instructors and partly because I am committed to helping my current pupils get their licences, as well as building Driver - IOM."

Latest news - November 2016
Driver IOM     Driver IOM

Of particular interest is the latest 'tuition HGV' to arrive in the Island. Driver – IOM have purchased a DAF XF Artic tractor unit and a 44 ft trailer, with the sole purpose of training. The truck is available to new pupils but also to those who passed their test with a Drawbar outfit and may be struggling to get a job because employers prefer first-hand experience with an ARTIC truck.

Essentially we can offer the best of both worlds to our pupils; straight into Artic if they hold the right licence or using other facilities (e.g. Rigid HGV) where they are required.

Artic Competence Course
Driver – IOM are now running courses for drivers to practice and prove their proficiency in an Artic, culminating in the driver obtaining a Competence Certificate stating that the following abilities have been proven:
  • Town/Outskirts Driving
  • Safe Progress
  • Observation
  • Reversing
  • Trailer De/Recouple
  • Vehicle Sensitivity – including fuel economy and payload consideration.

    The aim is to ensure that drivers have the required competence to 'do the job'. Course length depends entirely on the candidate but we would expect it will be a minimum of 4 hours, which we would recommend are taken in 1-hour or 2-hour sessions. Issuing of these certificates will be very strictly controlled because our company reputation is on the line. It won't be a matter of merely 'putting in the hours' - only those drivers who PROVE their competence will be awarded the accolade!

    Driver Assessment
    It follows that a hugely valuable service that Driver - IOM can offer to business operators is to assess the standard of their drivers. For example we can do this as a 'secret shopper' for Taxi company, or we can ride-along with Delivery Agents/Drivers.

    Following an assessment the customer would be provided with a written report covering the same areas that our Competence Course analyses (listed above), plus any specifics that have been requested.

    Driver Recruitment
    The long-term plan for Driver - IOM includes the introduction of a driver agency. This will take a little time to prepare so watch this space!

    Our Business Partners
    Through the relationships that have been developed over the past few years, we will be able to refer our customers to many 'preferred service providers' that can offer solutions to transportation-related training requirements.

    It is anticipated that we will form a one-stop-shop for any driver assessment or training in the following areas:
  • Motorcycle (including CBT)
  • Car (male or female instructors available)
  • Car and trailer
  • Luton/Van driving
  • Advanced driving
  • Bus/PPV
  • HGV Rigid
  • HGV Trailer (Artic or Drawbar)
  • Forklift
  • Telehandler
  • Hoists/Cherry picker
  • Site vehicles (360 etc.)
  • Tracked vehicles

    Our mission is simple; to provide a professional service, ensuring the highest possible standard is attained, as quickly and cheaply as possible!

    At, advice is free of charge and value for money is our highest priority.

    We’ll help to drive your business forward

    For a confidential and informal chat, call Rick on: (07624) 432258.
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